The Struggle

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There were no witnesses to the moment of the shot.
Witness 'John' last saw two people wrestling on the grass behind his house. They were both lying horizontally. He could not see their hands or their faces.
He locked his door and went to dial 911. At that time, the pair seemed to be moving towards the path, both still horizontal. Their heads were away from him. Their feet towards him.
Seconds later, he heard the shot.

John's story had changed from the first version.
In that version he reported straddling and MMA-style punches. He reported that the one underneath was shouting.
Now he says it was too dark.
It was. The only light-source in the vicinity is John's porch light. The boy who came out to walk his dog just before the shot appears to confirm that. That light is not a floodlight. It just a shaded porch light whose purpose is to light the porch area. The pair are about 20 feet from that single light source.

According to Zimmerman, they then ended up like this

But that’s when my jacket moved up
And I had my firearm on my right side hip
My jacket moved up. (Indicating chest level)
And he saw. I feel like he saw and he looked at it
And he said. You’re going to die tonight MF
And he reached for it – like I felt his arm going down to my side
So Martin is sitting on Zimmerman's stomach, both hands bearing down on Zimmerman's face, suffocating him, and also using both hands to bash Zimmerman's head on the concrete.
Zimmerman's head is on the path. Their feet are pointing towards John's house.
Zimmerman wriggles back to get his head off the path - basically under Martin and in the direction of John's house.
His jacket slips up.
He feels that Martin then saw the gun and looked at it.

What would Martin see if he looked down at Zimmerman's hip?
Thinking about it, and looking at the photo above, it seems that he would see his own thigh.
Hmmmm. Well, what if his thigh was raised in some way, so that he had a line of vision to Zimmerman's hip, what would he see?

Zimmerman has a holster *inside* the waistband of his trousers.
The holster is the home of a:

Kel-Tec PF-9

It's a dainty little thing. I could drop that in my purse and never notice the extra.
It weighs only 18 ounces when fully loaded - 7 rounds in the mag and 1 in the chamber.
It's only 0.8 inches thick. 5.85 inches overall length.

It is said to be the thinnest and lightest 9mm on the market.
It is specifically designed for Concealed Carry - for the licence that Zimmerman had.
"Concealed" means "Can not be seen" - just in case you are wondering.

If that little thing is tucked into its holster inside your waistband, the most that is going to be showing is the back of the body and magazine.
That's only 0.8 inches wide.
It's also a dark colour.
Let's face it. In those lighting conditions, nobody is going to see that - even if their thigh was not blocking the view. Remember that the only light source is a porch light that is about 20 feet distant. Their feet are towards that light. If that 0.8 inch-wide strip of dark metal inside the waistband should happen to be protruding slightly above the line of the waistband, the trousers and belt are shading it from any possibility of reflecting that dim light. The possibility of any light falling on that 0.8 inch-wide strip of dark metal (if it happened to be peeping up) is further reduced if Martin is sitting on Zimmerman, completely shading both their torsos from the light source behind Martin's back.

Zimmerman only felt like Martin saw it, and looked down at it.
Maybe Martin felt it - perhaps as the back of his thigh pressed on Zimmerman's hip.

It wouldn't be a very obvious thing. It's very small and thin.
One review of the gun, at includes this:

The PF-9 conceals very easily; easier, in fact, than a J-Frame S&W, the gold standard of a deep-concealment handgun. In a low-slung belly band holster, it completely disappears under a pair of Levi’s and a t-shirt. When the weather gets hotter, I have few doubts that it will conceal perfectly well under cargo shorts and a tank top. This particular method of carry doesn’t allow for a very rapid presentation, but it demonstrates that you can carry the PF-9 anywhere the law allows.

Go ahead, take off your jacket! Reach for that can of soup on the top shelf, with your strong hand! Lean over and try to ‘print’ the PF-9 against your clothing! Trust me, nobody will notice.

But say, for the sake of argument, that Martin felt something hard under his thigh.
Why would he assume it was a gun? It's tiny.
Why would he say "You're going tonight MF"? 
It could as well be a phone or a wallet.
Why would he take a hand away, leaving only one of his hands to contend with Zimmerman's two free hands?
What's he going to do? Beat Zimmerman with a phone or wallet or whatever it is? He's got a phone of his own, and a nice heavy drinks can to do that with - and they would be much easier to reach.

Why would he assume that this puny little hard thing was a gun?
The only reason would be that earlier, when they came face to face:
  • the weird guy who had followed him into the dark
  • found him after a search of about two minutes and does not explain his purpose
  • put his right hand to his right hip

  • If Martin is reaching for this very small hard thing that he can not see, it might mean that he thinks that it is a gun
  • His only reason for thinking that it is a gun is that the guy was reaching for a gun when they came face to face
  • Alternatively, Zimmerman tried to intimidate Martin by saying "I got a gun".
  • So Martin was in reasonable fear for his life at that time
  • He might well have reacted by closing the distance rather than opting to try and outrun a bullet.

Maybe Zimmerman had the gun out from the get-go. In the darkness Martin would not have seen it until too late. He would have been so close that the instinctive reaction might be to grab for Zimmerman's gun hand and start screaming. Trying to outrun a bullet is not a good plan.

Some minor matters, maybe ....

Speaking of having the gun out...
Take a look at the photo of the gun above.
See the little groove at the 'front' under the barrel? The middle finger of the hand is under it.
There is a matching groove on the other side.
It is for mounting things like Tactical Flashlights.
A tactical flashlight mounted on the gun is great for looking for bad guys at night. If you are illuminating them, then the gun is also pointing at them. You just slide the tactical flashlight onto the grooves. Unlike ordinary flashlights, tactical flashlights can have grips that can match those grooves.
It would be very irritating if the battery in your gun-mounted tactical flashlight gave problems just when you needed it.

Zimmerman appears to have had two flashlights on the night.
A small light on a key fob was found (lit) up near the T-junction. Unless it was dropped there later, it could have dropped when the struggle began or during the struggle.
He appeared to have had some problems with that tactical flashlight on the night. There are sounds in his NEN recording that seem to be him slapping a flashlight to coax it into life. Presumably he switched to the key-fob light.
A small Tactical Flashlight was found in the grass 40 feet South, where the body ended up.
It's odd that of all the things that could have fallen out of Zimmerman's pockets during the struggle, the only thing that appears to have fallen is his tactical flashlight - down where the struggle ended.

Racking the gun?

This thought about the tactical flashlight came to mind when I saw a report of a sound on the NEN recording that is exactly like the sound of a Kel-Tec PF-9 being racked/'cocked'.
I was intrigued when I saw that report. I had assumed the mechanical sound was a seat-belt being released or the like. I did a quick review of the proposal. It's not enough to 'hear a sound'. A whole story has to fit.
I found some factors that might indicate against the cocking theory, so I'll leave this to the audio experts..

The biggest issue for that 'cocking' theory is that the gun appears to have been in 7+1 mode at the time of the shot. 7 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber.
The magazine has capacity for 7 rounds.
Racking the gun (which many would loosely think of as 'cocking') pulls a round from the magazine and inserts it into the chamber, leaving 6 rounds in the magazine. The gun is then ready to fire at a simple pull of the trigger. It's a "double action", meaning that pulling the trigger firsts pulls back the hammer and then releases it.
Strictly speaking, the first part of that continuous two-part (double) action would be equivalent to cocking a gun.

The gun is then 6+1. To get to 7+1 the magazine has to be removed, another round inserted into it, and the magazine replaced.
All of that has to be two-handed.

There is a clack-clack-clic sound just as Zimmerman gets out of the truck. It's like the sound of the  gun being racked, but Zimmerman would need extra arms to do all that he would have to do right then.
I have seen a theory that there was somebody else in the truck. If there was, that person could have racked. However, if we accept DeeDee's account, she says Martin talks about 'a guy in a car/truck'.

*If* he had racked while getting out of the truck, those 20 seconds of 'wind noise' - when he says he was not running - could be the effect of walking while jamming the phone twixt shoulder and face - while using both hands to do the extra round thing.
I think he was jogging though. The calculations of speed and time match a jogging pace getting him to the back corner of the house and slowing as he came into the central area.
There is a repeat of the sound just before he says "Zimmerman" and mechanical sounds - before the slap-slap-slap sounds start.

Anyway, if the gun was racked at any time, then another round would have to be inserted in the magazine to have it end up on 7+1. It might seem a stretch in the particular circumstances of the night, but not impossible.
I don't know what we would expect to hear if he racked with a round already in the chamber.

As an aside:
Zimmerman's gun has no safety catch! Unbelievable! .. and x+1 is apparently a common way to carry.
To anyone brought up to respect guns, this is absolutely insane. That gun just needs 5 pound pressure on the trigger and Bang! The long trigger action is the only 'safety' preventing an accidental discharge.
If I absolutely had to carry that cheapo gun, I most certainly would carry in 7+0, and rack only if I believed shooting was imminent.
That gun is purely for close-up personal defence. If I had to fire off 7 shots, I doubt that an 8th round would be the clincher in whatever major gun battle I was in. Where would I be that I would have to shoot more than 7 people? On the other hand, if I had missed one person 7 times, an 8th shot might be unlikely to make any difference.
I somehow doubt that morons who carry like Zimmerman would ever have a glimmer about safety of others and themselves.

On the other hand, Zimmerman might actually have had professional training from someone with a clue. In that case he would have racked and inserted an extra round on the night.

Back to Zimmerman's account:

And I just grabbed it, and I grabbed my firearm and I shot him
After I shot him, he like sat up

So how did that shooting go?

Look at the photograph at the top of the page.
He manages to get his right hand down under Martin's thigh and get the gun
He's flat on his back, so his elbow has to go out sideways to draw the gun
He swivels his elbow to bring the gun to bear and shoots - probably diagonally into Martin's chest, as his own elbow is already on the ground.

That's when forensics take over.
Apparently the gun was in contact with Martin's clothing, but Martin's clothing was pulled down and a few inches from his skin.
Not alone that, the shot was apparently fired straight into the chest from the front - with the bullet path going neither left or right, up or down within the chest.
In the absence of a forensic analysis such as would be presented in a court, here is something that is not quite CSI, but you'll get the idea

The simple version- from the start of the struggle

The initial account of how the struggle started and ended was very simple.

Zimmerman, family and friends had indicated that
  1. Martin came up behind Zimmerman and said "You got a problem, homie?"
  2. Zimmerman responded "No".
  3. Martin said "You do now".
  4. He punched Zimmerman on the nose, knocking him to the ground.
  5. He then straddled Zimmerman, repeatedly banging his head on the concrete path and punching him.
  6. In fear of serious injury or death, Zimmerman drew his gun and shot Martin in defence.
Sanford PD initially determined that Zimmerman had no case to answer because of Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law.

The position at which Martin was said to have attacked Zimmerman was indicated as being at the T-junction of the footpaths, as Zimmerman was returning East to West to his truck in Twin Trees, having walked East to Retreat View Circle in order to find a house number.

For example, the interview with Zimmerman's father mentioned in the previous section  and the account of the videoed re-enactment, have Zimmerman sticking absolutely to that path.

This simple version seems to be one given to Sanford PD and leaked to the Orlando Sentinel.
Zimmerman later told investigators he could not find Trayvon, so he turned and was walking back toward his SUV. A short time later, Trayvon approached him from the rear, and the two exchanged words, he told authorities.
Trayvon threw the first punch, he told police. It knocked Zimmerman to the ground, and the teenager then got on top of Zimmerman and began beating his head against a sidewalk, police have said in recounting Zimmerman's version of events
Simple - but not quite the same. In that one he "could not find Trayvon".

Now that we have Zimmerman's account, that simple story has not changed significantly.
In the Walk-Through, he points to a location a few feet West (in the direction of the truck)  the T-junction as where Martin approached him.
He says he's not absolutely clear on the details once it got physical.
And I went to grab my cellphone. I had left it in a different pocket. I looked down in my pant pocket
You got a problem now and he was here (looking right down at his feet ) and he punched me in the face
Right about here (same position on EW) I don’tremember exactly
I stumble ..and I fell down. Or he pushed me down. Somehow he got on top of me.
(( Could Zimmerman have fallen on his face? His memory is unclear.))
On the grass or  path?
It was more over here. (walking south in the grass beside path)
I think I was trying to push him away from me
And he got on top of me somewhere around here. (seems to be past first tree and short of concrete cover - so about 9 feet South of T)
And that’s where I started screaming for help
I started screaming help as loud as I could
And then’s when he grabbed me
I tried to sit up, and that’s when he grabbed me
Grabbed me by the head And tried to slam my head down
My body was on the grass, my head on the cement
That’s what I could feel through my jacket
And he just kept slamming and slamming
( He’s bang between tree and cover)
He put his hand on my nose and his other on my mouth
He said STFU
And I tried squirming again
All I could think about was when he was hitting my head against …thought my head was going to explode  ..and I thought I was going to lose consciousness
So I tried to squirm so I could get…he only had a small portion of my head on the concrete
So I tried to squirm off the concrete..and when I did that…somebody here opened the door (indicating angle to Second house)
And I said Help me, help me
And they said, I’ll call 911
And I said no help me. I need help
And I don’t know what they did
But that’s when my jacket moved up
And I had my firearm on my right side hip
My jacket moved up. (Indicating chest level)
And he saw. I feel like he saw and he looked at it
And he said. You’re going to die tonight MF
And he reached for it – like I felt his arm going down to my side
And I just grabbed it, and I grabbed my firearm and I shot him
After I shot him, he like sat up
Yes sir, he was on top of me like this.  (Indicating sit with both arms forward and down)
And I shot him
And I didn’t think I hit him, because he sat up and he said “Oh. You got me”  You got it you got  … something like that
  ( Z’s arms are up like surrender gesture)
So I thought he was saying “I know you have a gun now, I heard it. I’m giving up
I don’t know if I pushed him off me or if he fell off me
Either way, I got on top of him, and pushed his arms apart
Had you flipped him over?
I don’t know how I got on top of him, I’m sorry
But I got on his back and I moved his arms apart
Because he was repeatedly hitting me in the face and the head  , I thought he had something in his hands
So I moved his hands apart
So you had him face down then?
Yes, and I was on his back

 One tiny detail:

The fact that Martin's body ended up 40+ feet South of the T-junction says that if Zimmerman got decked near the T-junction, he must have been able to get up and move 40 feet to a position where the decking and beating happened all over again.
The evidence photographs of Zimmerman's clothing do indicate that he was on his back on wet grass. However, they show no sign of being under the weight of two men while they wriggled a distance of 40 feet or so over wet grass and concrete.
They must have wriggled an additional 7 feet South on top of that - to where Martin's phone was found.

To model on Oscar Wilde, "Getting decked and pinned down once is unfortunate. Getting decked and pinned down twice smacks of carelessness."

There's Something About Witnesses

Nobody actually saw anything (much).

The given wisdom is that Martin was straddling Zimmerman and raining MMA-style blows on him.
This was never seen to happen, it now emerges. has a good repository of evidence files released, including the statements and recording of witness interviews.
Witness #6 is "John", the one who on February 26th described 'the given wisdom'.
He lives in the second house down the path from the T-junction on the right.
He's now completely changed - on the basis that it was so dark out there that he couldn't see anything much. He just assumed things on the night.

It was really dark out there. There is no public lighting. "John"s porch light is always on he says, but it only lights his patio. It's not a floodlight.
The boy taking his dog out for a walk (Witness #14 - below) says that it was really dark. There was only one porch light on nearby - which must be "John"s.

"John" now says:
  • He heard noises of shouting getting closer to his house. He does not know from what direction.
  • He saw two people wrestling on the grass near the path - outside his back door.
  • One was lying on top of the other. - both horizontal - nobody is straddling.
  • He could not see their hands. He does not know if the one on top was punching or just holding the other down.
  • He had said "MMA" because he considered that the one on top had control - and that was sort of MMA - to have control.
  • He does not know who was calling for help. He just assumed it was the one underneath, because that seemed logical to him. He could not see their mouths.
  • The one on top had lighter clothing than the one underneath.
  • He shouted at them to stop and said he was going to call 911.
  • As he locked his door, he saw them, still wrestling, both horizontal, moving from the grass onto the pavement.
  • He thinks he only saw them for about 10 seconds.
  • He didn't see the moment of the shot. That happened just after he locked his door and was starting  to go upstairs.
So: No straddling and no punching that he even knows of - and certainly not MMA-style.

The boy who was taking his dog out (Witness #14) thought that he was looking at one person who had maybe slipped and fallen, and was shouting for help.
This would be consistent with the place being really dark, and with "John" saying that  it was a case of one lying on top of the other. He describes it as wrestling.

If anyone saw someone straddling, it would have been Zimmerman on top of Martin after the shot.
The Daily Beast had a source in Sanford PD who reported
Zimmerman told police he didn’t realize that Martin was seriously injured, and that he lunged to get on top of him after the teenager fell to the ground.
Witness #11 lives in the first house on the right down from the T-Junction. She only heard noises. She thinks they started up by her house and went down the path past her house.

Nobody could see anything much even if they had looked.

There is no eyewitness evidence to support a story of the fight being a simple immediate decking followed by straddling and punching.
There is eyewitness evidence to support both of them prone and wrestling/pinning of some sort - at least towards the very end of the fight.

Zimmerman's clothes do no support a story of a decking up at the T-junction that was maintained while moving 40 to 47 feet to the grass outside of the second house.

Another tiny detail:

At least 60 seconds elapsed from the sounds of raised voices to the sound of the shot.
Zimmerman's story is that during all of that time, Martin had already broken his nose and was straddling him, banging his on the ground and punching him. The results were some minor cuts and bruises that needed only a wipe to clean up.The lack of extensive injury from a beating said to have lasted a minute might be explained by an amount of time spent struggling/wrestling_prone over the gun.

That 60 seconds above is a round(ish) figure.
The shot is heard 42 seconds into the 911 call.The fight started before the call connected. Allow 18 seconds between the 911 caller hearing the sounds of a fight outside her open back porch door and her 911 call connecting.

That 60 seconds is about the minimum duration of a struggle.
That would seem to be confirmed by the time that the call between Martin and the girl disconnected. That time is not exact as the T-Moblie logs are rounded to minutes. That call ended with e girl saying that she over heard "Why are you following me?" "What are you doing around here?" something like "Get off" and sounds like a struggle.

But it gets worse...for Zimmerman's account

That 911 call connected 2 minutes 30 seconds after Zimmerman's call ended.
Zimmerman says he began walking from Retreat View Circle back to his truck immediately the call ended. He says Martin attacked him less than 30 seconds later.
If that were true, then the two must have struggled in near-total silence for over 2 minutes before the noise became noticeable - and for some reason, Martin didn't care to mention these events to the girl on the other end of the phone - and she noticed nothing.
And, if we are to believe Zimmerman's account of what happened after he ended the call, his very minor injuries are the result of 3 minutes "beating" and head-pounding.

It is inescapable that Zimmerman's account is not "going in the same direction" as the truth.

'Struggle for the gun' accounts

No matter how many times Zimmerman got decked and pinned, less simple accounts of the fight later came from Zimmerman's brother and from his parents.

The Brother

 On the Piers Morgan TV show, March 30th, Zimmerman's brother indicated:
"My brother drew back to grab his phone in retreat to call again 911 and say, 'Well, this person who I lost sight of and was not pursuing has now confronted me.' That's what he did. He never got to make that call because he was attacked by Mr. Martin," Robert Zimmerman Jr. told Morgan.

Robert Zimmerman Jr. claimed that during the confrontation, Martin tried to disarm his brother and that George Zimmerman would have died had he not "acted decisively and instantaneously in that moment."
"this person who I lost sight of and was not pursuing" - Yup! Brother really said that. Not many people would.

The Parents

 A Daily Beast article included a quote from a neighbour of the parents.
She said Zimmerman’s parents had insisted Zimmerman had acted in self-defense. “What they told us,” the neighbor said, “is that he was reaching for his cell phone and Trayvon Martin saw his gun and reached for the gun and there was a struggle.”

If both were struggling for the gun, from the very beginning according to the parents, and from an undefined point according to the brother, then Martin must have at least one hand on Zimmerman's gun arm.
If he tries to use both hands to struggle for the gun, then Zimmerman has an arm free. This might explain Zimmerman's injuries being actually minor after a struggle that lasted an absolute minimum of 46 seconds.

Zimmerman says that right at the end of the struggle, he felt Martin's hand reaching for where he had the gun.
He says that up until then he had forgotten that he was carrying the gun.

 Guns and Phones

 There is a very interesting feature in the videos of the interviews.
  • Every time Zimmerman mentions going for his phone
    --- his right hand goes to his right hip
  • Every time Zimmerman mentions going for his gun
    --- his right hand goes to his right hip
In the Walk-Through, when Zimmerman describes going for his phone, he's going to his right hip.
In the videos, his hand is patting his hip first and then his jacket in search for a phone.

So he slaps his right hip - in search of a phone.
Where's my phone? No, that's not my phone that I just slapped. That's just some hard metallic object. I have no idea what it is. I just know it's not my phone. Where's my phone?

"He's got his hand in his waistband" does not mean that "the suspect" might be armed. It just meant that Zimmerman thought "the suspect" had a phone. - and thought this so remarkable that he mentioned it to the dispatcher and again in the walk through.
This must be the case because Zimmerman had totally forgotten that he had a gun - and nothing at all happened that might have reminded him that he had one. When he eventually realised that he had a gun - right in the last seconds of the fight - it must have come as a great shock to him.

A struggle for the gun might be an indicator of who was screaming for help

If Zimmerman told police that he and Martin were struggling over the gun - whether throughout or at the end - this raises a very serious question.

The screams for help

Technical analysis of the screams captured in the background of a 911 call were inconclusive.

If  both of them were struggling for the gun then both would have absolutely equal reason to be screaming for help.
Whichever one was screaming would continue to scream until there was no further need , or no further ability, to scream.

The screams cease immediately the shot is heard.
Martin would cease to scream once he had been mortally wounded. He was so wounded.
Zimmerman would cease to scream once he no longer believed that he was in danger. So having shot Martin, he would no longer need to scream. Right?


From that same Daily Beast article above:
According to the source, Zimmerman told police he didn’t realize that Martin was seriously injured, and that he lunged to get on top of him after the teenager fell to the ground.
 Zimmerman believed that he was still in danger, so he lunged to get on top.
There would have been no reason for him to stop calling for help until such time that he realised that Martin was not fighting back. This could indicate that Martin was the one screaming for help.

Witness #16 appears to confirm Zimmerman being on top of Martin after the shot.

However, in the end, we don't know which of them was yelling.
Technical analysis of the shouts heard in the background of 911 call recordings can not be absolutely conclusive.
It was too dark for anyone to see their faces and mouths.
It was so dark that the boy thought that the pair of them was a single person who had slipped and was lying on their back, calling for help.
It was so dark that "John" looking at them from his sliding door, at the pair of them on the grass near the path behind his house, could only make out two people - both horizontal - apparently wrestling.

Words exchanged

Zimmerman's and the girl's account of the words exchanged at the beginning of the struggle have some things in common

Zimmerman has:
Martin: You got a problem homie?
Zimmerman: No 
Martin: You do now
Martin punches him and decks him

The girl says she overheard
Martin: Why are you following me?
Zimmerman: What are you doing around here?
Sounds of a struggle and phone connection drops

In both accounts:
  1. Zimmerman had a chance to explain the situation, but did not take it
  2. Zimmerman's response could only serve to inflame the situation. In his own version, he is being obtuse or 'cute'. In the girl's version, he is being a bully. His fixed idea is that he is dealing with a punk. The possibility that there is another explanation does not occur to him.
Not only that, but...
In Zimmerman's version, when describing this in the Walk Through and in interviews, his hand goes to his right hip. He says that he was reaching for his phone.
Hello? What  does "He's got his hand in his waistband mean to Zimmerman? Why does he mention "hand in his waistband" in his call and in the Walk Through?
So if Zimmerman thinks that "hand in his waistband" indicates a weapon - would somebody else (Martin, for example) come to the same sort of conclusion - particularly when the weird guy has followed him into the dark?


NOW: The Big Question

 When we look at Zimmerman's description of events in the Walk-Through v. the truth of what is recorded in the Call, it is clear that

Zimmerman's head is a mess.
He gets the sequence of events completely wrong.

Add to that the very strong possibility that the circling actually happened at the Clubhouse - if indeed it happened at all - and if indeed he did park at the clubhouse..

Add to that his assertion of intending to walk back to the truck - as opposed to him scrapping that plan and asking that the patrol ring him to find out where he is.

Add to that that his story leaves him with 2 minutes and 30 seconds unaccounted for after the call ends.

His story is a fantasy.
An examination of it against the absolutely undeniable truth of the call recording tears it to shreds.

Why on earth would he be getting the story of the struggle right?

Why could he get that bit right, when everything else is a total mess?


I really don't see Zimmerman as some racist murderer

I think he's just someone with a very messed up head.
He was a tragedy waiting for a place to happen.


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  1. I wonder if I can put this here?

    Reality is full of ironies. Please don't misunderstand, I am not intending to make jokes about dead Trayvon Martin, but I find the name of the shop where Zimmerman bought his gun ironic nevertheless:

    Akkawi owns Shoot Straight, a firearms store and range that boasts seven Florida locations and the “largest selection of guns for sale in the Southeast.” Zimmerman purchased the Kel Tek 9 mm semiautomatic handgun he used to kill Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin at the store’s Casselberry location, Akkawi said.

  2. Good points!!

  3. you noticed, Sling, the video re-enactment and Zimmerman's statements are available now. I have them via Jeralyn Merritt, but O'Mara put them up too.

  4. Sling, I have problems with the Game Room Video, but partly Amsterdam at Daily Kos convinces me.

    This could explain the empty battery in the big black flash light. In other words your theory.

  5. There is a witness (#1 or 2) who says she saw one or two people running down the path. For the most part her statement has been ignored, probably b/c she didn't have her contacts in. My eyesight isn't all the great w/o my glasses but I can discern large moving objects, even in the dark. How does that fit?

  6. re: previous comment: maybe the initial confrontation occurred near the T, Martin retreats, Z chases him, further confrontation leading to the shot. In the walk-thru Z doesn't go anywhere near where they ended up. I think he doesn't want to remember that part - it's where he screwed up and he hasn't thought of a cover story to get him there.

  7. Take a look at the witness statements written up by the police. Witness #1 says she saw 2 people running toward the T, not away from it.

  8. According to an officer who reported on the scene of Trayvon's death, "The black male had his hands underneath his body...I turned the black male over and began CPR."

    This conflicts with Z spreading M's arms and holding him down.

  9. Zimmerman's wiggle to move away from the concrete would move him further under Martin. Even if his jacket did slide up, his hips would be further under Martin's thighs. Given this and the lack of light and the position of the gun under his waistband, I don't believe that Martin saw the gun unless Zimmerman had produced it earlier in an attempt to detain Martin for the police.

  10. re: the 911 call. There were two different voice identification experts who each determined that Zimmerman was not the person calling for help. They don't have samples of Martin's voice so they can't determine if it was him. But if there were only two people and it wasn't one, what's the likelihood that it was the other?

    1. I notice that the newspapers, who commissioned the analysis, never went back to them with samples of Trayvon's voice. I've read it mentioned that the family and the boy, loved making recordings/videos and such of family outings and holiday affairs, so there should be plenty of samples available for comparison. I'd rather believe that either the SP or the family have asked they be withheld? Or maybe the FBI is doing the work and it hasn't yet been returned to the SP.

      One thing we can rest assured, who was screaming help will be determined, because samples of Trayvon's voice do exist. So the only real question is, when will the results be released? Probably after GZ has dug himself into a much deeper hole than he already has.

  11. Really great work but for fun, instead of a boring pic of guys fighting, you might have included "stateofthe internet's" other cabbage patch doll video of zimmerman's "shimmy", or the 1st cabbage patch doll video uploaded under "trent sawyer" (his real name) both of which are hillarious while proving the same points you note.

  12. I do feel that although not a complete racist, Zimmerman did profile the black teen, and would not have gone after him or called NEN on him had he been a white teen. I believe he did try to detain him, in his sick mind believing he was doing police work, yet not identifing himself. Probably drew his weapon on Trayvon early on, causing the frightened youth to scream and fight for his life. A sick minded Zimmerman shot Trayvon for the adrenalin rush & thrill of wanting to know what it would feel like. Besides, so far in the court system, he'd been invincible (cop & ex). After all, this would be much easier because he was just a black kid, and SPD would back him up with their history, and so would his NW friend, John. I agree he was a tragedy waiting to happen. His parents, siblings & family knew that he was too! They should've address this from the time he was a child. Hopefully he will be convicted & not allowed back into mainstream society to do this again...& HE WILL DO IT AGAIN If not convicted.

  13. Mr ... I thought Trebuchet was your family name ...

    You wrote GZ had very superficial injuries. Well we agree that his life was not in danger but still he must have been stunted. The two cuts likely came from the hedge of the sidewalk. The different orientations suggest that his body changed position during the altercation.

    I hit my head on a corner of a concrete balcony few weeks ago. I was bleeding and for few seconds i saw stars. GZ's cuts were a little more serious than mine. So i understand very well if he was scared. But if confronted Trayvon Martin that was in any case enough to justify a murder.

    1. Ada, I've been hit with a brick and still beat my attacker and I've never thought I was capable enough to be offering my services as a bouncer. The human ability to absorb damage is highly individual, I'll accept, but none of Z's injuries were that damaging that he'd be unable to fight back without having to rely on a weapon.

      What you've got to admire about Z is how focussed he suddenly became after Trayvon finally reminded him he was carrying the gun he even wore going to the grocery store.

      For at least a minute, Trayvon allegedly was able to manhandle Z without ANY substantial resistance, but then Z wants us to believe that he was able to stop Trayvon taking his gun off him too? No, George, you liar, he was fighting for control of that gun much longer and finally lost his battle.

  14. If he believed that he was in danger of death or serious injury, this was belief was not founded in reality. It was emotional, hysterical.
    The law might demand that the belief be "reasonable".
    There is the difficulty.

    In the absence of a medical team monitoring his vital signs and some specialists estimating probabilities of further bumps causing serious damage, how does anyone evaluate "reasonable" at the time?

    The just answer can only be that *once some violence is in progress*, the belief/fear of a shooter can not be an exonerating factor.
    The only factors that can reasonably be considered are all of the factors that led up to the moment.
    Without that, a person can assert such a fear to justify bad action.


    Assumptions often cause people to look at something from the wrong angle.

  15. If GZ confronted Trayvon Martin it was reasonable for both to be scared at some point. But GZ is responsible for the sad ending as long Trayvon didn't try to kill him. I think we (TM side of course) all agree on this.

    I just bugged with the "very superficial injuries".

  16. "If that were true, then the two must have struggled in near-total silence for over 2 minutes before the noise became noticeable "

    I like to account for this missing 2 mins of action by imagining them doing a waltz back and forth along the top bar of the T, before Trayvon finally tired of such silliness and punched Z on the nose.

  17. Just for the record, SPD spent a grand total of 10 minutes, interviewing 3 "witnesses" on the night. So much for them thoroughly canvassing the area.

  18. Zimmerman's account of the struggle is remarkable for two reasons (at least)
    1. It isn't matched by the level of damage to either of them
    2. His walk-through and statements and can't be reconciled with the absolute truth of the NEN call content and timings. Given that he is clearly incapable of describling what happened leading up to the struggle, it's not reasonable to assume that his description of the struggle is accurate.

    The SPD investigation on the spot seems to have been a very careless operation.
    Tyey saw a dead young black male that nobody knew. They saw their acquaintance George the NW guy. Slam dunk. No need to fuss.

  19. Anyone who carries knows to always have a round in the chamber. This is standard practice and not doing so is akin to not carrying at all. No way Zimmerman did not have a round in the chamber to begin with. Furthermore the gun is designed in a way that requires a long, strong pull of the trigger; that IS the safety. You would come across more credible had you done some simple research and not started out with a desired conclusion in mind, much like the mainstream media has repeatedly done. They want Zimmerman to be guilty, as you apparently do as well, therefore leaving out information, playing with facts, or outright lying has been standard protocol.

    Nothing Zimmerman has said differs much and nobody tells a story word for word exactly anyway. People have all sorts of different things going through their minds at ALL times, now add stress and an altercation. For anyone to tell a story exactly the same with no small differences would only reveal that they are in fact lying. Unless you are coached, which the state's witness Rachel seems to have done so well at exhibiting, even hanging onto specific phrases used in her previous statements.

    I do not understand why or how anyone would think that George's injuries are not enough or not life threatening. I guess he was just supposed to wait and hope the next blow wouldn't kill him? One punch homicide. Look it up. So when an altercation is taking place, the person being attacked is now supposed to make theoretical calculations as to what their attacker may or may not do next? Unbelievable! The law does not require any injuries for a person to use self-defense. Either way, one had injuries and the other did not. No marks on George's hand indicate he did not strike Trayvon.

    Too many fudging of facts and conjecture for any of this to be taken seriously.

  20. Tuesday,

    "Anyone who carries knows to always have a round in the chamber".
    This is not true.
    It would be more accurate to say that *many* people always have a round in the chamber.

    It should be clear from my posting that I consider the Zimmerman's gun was in 7+1 mode - round in the chamber and full mag.
    If you actually read what I wrote above, you would have read that I understand the "safety" feature of that gun.

    As an aside from the Zimmerman case:
    My issue with this (apparently not uncommon) mode of carry is that it is not actually safe. This is not a factor in the Zimmerman case.
    I was taught to chamber only when shooting was imminent. I also would not carry a gun that did not have a positive action safety.

    Apart from the unsafe 'safety' aspect, the problem with the long 5-pound pull is that it will make accurate shots more difficult.
    I prefer to hit what I am aiming at - thank you.

    If people live a terror-filled life such that they feel their lives are in such constant danger that they need to be able to shoot instantly, I suggest that they buy a decent gun - and not a cheapo unsafe thing like the Kel-Tek PF-9

    Getting back to Zimmerman....
    The problem is not one of variations in his story.
    The chief problem is that his story is not a reasonable account of the time spent in the central pathway area.
    He is clearly concious of this. The Hannity interview is a clear indicator that the defence want to downplay the time gap as far as possible.

    As to the level of injury, I simply point to the actual level as a counter to those who claim that an extended beating was in question.

    My issue with Zimmerman is not whether or not he belived that he was in mortal danger.
    My issue is that he got himself into that situation in the first place. He was reckless and stupid.
    He wasn't just 'home-grown' reckless and stupid. He ignored good Neighborhood Watch advice. He ignored the dispatcher's advice. He went straight at a dark corner around which "the suspect" had passed from his view. Having got there, he stayed in that dark area for a number of minutes.
    This was after even he realised that "the suspect" might be somewhere close. Remember that he gave the dispatcher his home address and then regretted having done so.
    Any reasonable person .....
    1) would not have been there in the first place, and
    2) would have got out of there ASAP once it dawned on them that there could be danger.